Why your next watch needs to be a Jord Wooden Watch. Plus exclusive giveaway!

I’m a type of person who likes to take a really long time doing their makeup and hair , so when I’m finished, I only have time to pick one statement accessory, run out the door and be considered fashionably late rather than really late.


That one statement accessory is usually my Jord watch. Made from real wood, this watch feels antique and heavy that ultimately speaks to quality. It’s solid yet ethereal feel comes from its bespoke wood plus metal interlaced strap and clear sophisticated dome sapphire crystal glass dial.

Like a preferred stone, or a crystal that helps find you zen,  you can choose what wooden material you relate to the most. Something about this ebony and sable watch emanated chic, sensible monochromatic vibes to me. I feel a sense of calm, and notice a grace in movement as this luxurious accessory feels light as air on the wrist.

If that wasn’t enough, this unique watch brand blew me away with the fact that you can even custom engrave your watch order and make it even more personalized and romantic. If carving a heart on wood is not your style, you can elect to carve the beautiful box the watch comes in, whatever adds value to you or the gift and adds an extra touch of love to your timeless wooden watch.

Jord watches was kind enough to partner with me on a give way for my readers. CLICK HERE TO ENTER JORD’S GIVEAWAY and win $100 USD off your purchase. The contest ends June 17th so HURRY! :). Nervous about not getting the size right when ordering online? Jord Watches has your back. Utilize this super accurate wrist sizer .

Good luck my loves, I hope you get to experience the joy of wearing this beautiful, unique timeless wooden watch, like I have. Thank You, for reading and Thank You, Jord.

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