Summer 18 designer ensemble

My shopping personality isn’t split. If I like it enough, I’ll buy it.  The rise of inflation, sky rocketing prices of basic necessities, Trump tariffs etc have grounded me to shop with purpose vs innocuously spending.  Sigh. Anyways, here we are.

Fashion Photography by Rainier pinili 


One of my favourite features of a Michael Kors piece is its undeniable quality of butter like soft material. I knew I wanted a sunflower yellow dress for Summer 18, so I tapped.


Comfortable enough and sexy leather wear all day. you know me personally, you know these babies on a personal level.

Las Vegas: The Venetian Lobby

I have always had an affinity for Cross body phone cases. Fashionable and convenient, I tend to loose my phone less often and also squeeze in my ID and bank cards.

Summer is almost over though, What do you want to see for fall?


Nida download

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